The Prayer Furnace

Hello, my name is Deacon John Reitz. I am just one of  a few different ministries that meet and partner here at The Prayer Furnace. Our goal is to help you during your time at UB, making your stay here a pleasant experience. You are welcome to join us throughout the day for homework and hanging out. Some of the other CMA ministries that meet here are InterVarsity, Campus Ambassadors, Kairos, Frontier Baptist Association, Northgate, and EPIC.

We are located on the second floor in room 200 of The Commons. There is a calendar posted outside the door that has a list of current events and meeting times if you would like to check it out.

At The Prayer Furnace we have the ability to offer you the spiritual support that you’ll need during your time here.

We can also provide rides for you to get to and from UB to our partner churches in order to attend church services on Sundays and/or any church activities you may be interested in taking part in.

Thank you!

God Bless,

Deacon John Reitz

E-mail –
Phone – 716 831 1777 church