Episcopal Campus Ministry At Saint Andrew’s Church

Free Supper

Sunday evenings (except during breaks)


3107 Main Street (across from Jim’s Steak-Out)

parking lot on Lisbon not far from UB South Campus

We are fully LGBTQ+ affirming

Episcopal Campus Ministry At Saint Andrew’s Church

Full Sunday evening schedule

6:30pm – Mass (about an hour)

7:00pm – Supper (everyone welcome)

8:00pm – Compline (15 minutes)

we’d love to have you worship with us at Mass or at Compline (night prayers) but you don’t have to unless you want to. The free supper offer still stands.


There’s a little choir, too, open to anyone who’d like to sing Gregorian chant.

For more information: ellenbra@buffalo.edu

Chant choir: standrewschantschola@gmail.com

Visit our page: http://standrewsbuffalo.org/episcopal-campus-ministry/