NorthGate Christian Community

NorthGate is a Christian community of all ages with a campus vision. We help students understand that their purpose and meaning in life can only be found in Christ. This is done through engaging messages and is as much an intellectual exercise as it is spiritual, emotional and sometimes a physical one. To make life easier, we initiate van pick-ups on both North and South Campus. Also, we foster community through an “adoption” program.  This is where the older couples in the Church take on a student and mentor them, but also act in the capacity of surrogate parents. This is done through family dinners, outings, sleepovers and quality time spent together. LifeNets are also key in helping students apply and live what they are learning. These are small groups where the Bible is engaged and we discuss various subjects concerning peoples’ spiritual journeys. This is done in a safe, family style environment. In order to meet the social needs of the students, we offer alternative fun through BBQ’s, potlucks, game-nights and young adult concerts to name a few. We are open to creative ideas and look forward to having you become a part of our family.  



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